Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekly Email

Hey all! 
How is everybody this week? I have had a great week! I gave a talk in both of my wards during sacrament meeting yesterday. They were on two different subjects so unfortunately i couldn't use the same talk but it worked out well and after the meetings my companion and I received some referrals so that was nice!  

So guess what! There was a rule change this week in my mission and now instead of only being able to email family i can email friends as well. Isn't that exciting? I thought so! If you would like to email me my email is:

So some cool things happened this week! I went on exchanges for the first time (Which just means that i went to a different area for 24hrs with a different companion) It was really fun. I was in the Post Falls area and it is so pretty there! I met some amazing families and we took a man named Mike on a church tour and he was super interested! Also we had one of our investigators commit to being baptized! So that was really cool as well. 

Today Sister Whitney and i found a CD that had some inspirational music on that wasn't MoTab and had a more pop beat to it. We have dubbed it our P-Day CD. It was fun, we danced around the Kitchen to it. This is approved only on P-Day the rest of the week we do not have time to dance around our kitchen and mainly just listen to MoTab although we have recently discovered that we love Alex Boye! (So if anyone has any Alex Boye music they would love to send us we would not object... actually any music along those lines is much appreciated...). 

I had one little surprise this week. I went to cook a meal and i discovered that nearly all the recipes that i used to use i got from the internet... it was a problem. So if anyone would like to send me some recipes that i could use that would be great! This is something that i should have done before i left but didn't think about it. Mum if you could ask the relief Society for help in this mini project that would be great and then i could cook us some good food and deserts! 

Ok I have a challenge for you all! It is a Book of Mormon Quest! So the point of the quest to show how much the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and to help us strengthen our testimonies! 
The goal is to go through a clean paperback copy of the Book of Mormon with the quest in mind of marking:
·       Each reference to Jesus Christ (any of His names of pronouns referring to Him)
·       Words of Christ (Spoken by Him or by prophets when the say, “Thus saith the Lord”
·       Doctrine of Christ (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, Enduring to the End)
Optional for those who are really excited, or who may have already done the first three
·       Attributes of Christ
·       Promised Blessings
Begin this Quest today!  Our goal is to finish by Mother’s Day!
I know as you do this quest that your testimonies will be strengthend. I have been doing it for two days and already I have learned SO much! It is amazing. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and this church is SO true. 

Ok well i hope you are all well! As you can see i am doing well and the sun is shining today so that is a tender mercy of the Lord. Send me a letter or an email when you have time, i would love to hear from you all! 

Remember that you are a child of God and He loves you! 
I love you too! 
Sister Robinson

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