Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weird Week

This week was weird we didn't get to teach too much as we had a lot of meetings including General Conference, which was great may i add. I just loved it SO much. One of my favorite quotes was from President ! He said, "Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith!" It can be so hard when you are trying to do everything that the Lord wants you to do and you feel like you are not getting the results that you want. For example, the right time with dating. I know that is super hard and you have so much faith relying on the Lord for his will! I know that there are probably some times when you do start to doubt but always remember to doubt your doubt before doubting your faith. AND YES SMILE BECAUSE JESUS AND I BOTH LOVE YOU! One thing that i have come to know on my mission is that our Heavenly Fathers love is the most important thing ever. It is the central doctrine to everything in the gospel. We have commandments because he loves us! We receive blessings because he loves us! We are on this earth because he loves us! We have a Savior who has overcome all the negative affects of this mortal life because He loves us! We truly are loved. I also loved Elder Ballard's talk on mission work and working with the members. I know that as we all work together we are going to see miracles!

Well i have already run out of time but i will write to you more next week. Love ya

Sister Robinson