Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Is this real life?

SO this week was great but also totally weird! It started on Tuesday when we had specialized training. The morning was normal as specialized trainings can get. We talked about teaching with the spirit and then working with members and PMG, you know all that good stuff then lunch hit and things got crazy! WEll as crazy as they get on a mission. We all went and changed into P-Day clothes, including President and Sister Mullen! We then played games all afternoon. WE played Ultimate Ninja, Ultimate Frisbee, Tag everyones it, and marshmallow dodgeball. I felt like i was in a dream! It was SO MUCH FUN! Who knew that we would ever get to do that on our mission. There were a couple times i had to pinch myself and ask if it was real life as i saw president running to catch the Frisbee. It was surreal

The rest of the week was standard until the weekend hit, then there was a really cool Easter exhibit at the stake center. It was all about Christ of course! There were pictures and sartifact that depicted his life from birth until the ressurection! It was so great. Our investigator Nancy came with her husband and they jsut loved it. They had choirs singing and it was just gorgeous. Cool miracle! Nancy put herself on date this week. She wants to be baptized on May 31st. My birthday weekend! How cool is that? I am so excited for her. She is the most gentle, kind lady that i have ever met. I love her to bits!

So Happy Easter everyone and if you haven't already seen the video Because of Him, go watch it becasuse it is amazing! I love it. I know that Because of Him (Christ) we will all live again! He lives and HE loves us and He came and bore all our sins and pains so that we could return home again. I love you all and I know that our savior loves you even more.

 Have a good week and i will try and make next week a little more interesting haha.

Sister Robinson

Monday, April 14, 2014

Off roading in the city

Brace yourself especially if you are driving on Spokane roads. Literally you will be driving around in the city and all will be fine and then you turn on to Cuba Rd. and it like you are actually in Cuba. It is terribly funny. Potholes on a dirt road in the middle of the city, what is this place. Stay tuned for the upcoming video that i am going to take today it is great. There are also no stop signs in this city in reasonable places, we did find a stop sign on someones driveway though.. priceless times haha. Spokane is literally the best place ever! I am in the Spokane 6th ward and it is so great. The members here are wonderful i can not wait to get to know them better.

So my comp is Sister Sheppard and she is so great. We have so much fun together. She is from Maryland and she is a beautician and she is so good at what she does. She did my eyebrows and let me tell you they are lookin' good. We just laugh all day and have way too much fun! You have got to have fun as you work hard right? Whistle while you work and all that jazz.

Anyway all in all such a good week. Time is flying way to fast though. I love you all keep working hard.

Sister Robinson

P.S. shout out to Sarah Nash if you are reading this. Thank you for the email and i am going to write you back next week because i ran out of email time and i don't have your physical address. But i love you!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So Shocking news i am being transferred!!! I know 6 months in Cheney and now i am leaving for the last couple months of my mission. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to all the wonderful families in the ward. I know i haven't discussed this with the 'rents yet but i am coming back here in December as Leah one of my recent converts is going to be sealed in the temple. She said she picked December 20th so it would be after finals so i will be able to go! I love the Nicks family so much. WE watched conference with them this weekend and it was amazing. More on that in a bit.

So where am i being transferred to? I am going into the city of Spokane to the Spokane 6th ward! I will also be STL (Sister Training Leader) so that will be a fun new thing. It means that i will conduct exchanges with the sisters in my zone and attend MLC ( Mission Leadership Council). It will make this transfer interesting that is for sure, but i am excited and know that with the Lord's help that i will be able to fill this assignment. I think it will be fun to serve the sisters in my zone and it will give me a huge opportunity to learn from all the amazing sisters that i will get to work with!

So General Conference was SO AMAZING! I just couldn't get enough! All the sessions were so great so you all need to watch all of them! For those who don't know where to find them you can go to LDS.org and there is a link to the videos on the front page! Watch them they are fabulous. One of the main themes that stuck out to me was how the Book of Mormon is a source of protection. My favorite scripture Heleman 5:12 was used a couple of times again. I know that with out a doubt that the Book of Mormon is truue and as we center our lives on Jesus Christ that we can overcome all things. There was a wonderful talk about Olympic Athletes and how they train all their lives for the 4 minutes they have in the Olympics they have to prove themselves. He talked about how this life is our 4 minutes to prove ourselves for eternal life. We were prepared for this life before we came here and now is our time to shine. To choose to follow Christ! Every decision we make determines our destiny so lets make every choice count for goo and when we make a mistake Christ is there to help pick us back up, dust us off and put us back on the path! The Atonement is real and the Gospel is true. "We aren't just human, we are CHILDREN OF GOD!" -Lawrence E. Corbridge Sunday Afternoon Session.

I love you all keep working hard! Love all those around you and it will bring you extreme joy!

Sister Robinson