Monday, April 14, 2014

Off roading in the city

Brace yourself especially if you are driving on Spokane roads. Literally you will be driving around in the city and all will be fine and then you turn on to Cuba Rd. and it like you are actually in Cuba. It is terribly funny. Potholes on a dirt road in the middle of the city, what is this place. Stay tuned for the upcoming video that i am going to take today it is great. There are also no stop signs in this city in reasonable places, we did find a stop sign on someones driveway though.. priceless times haha. Spokane is literally the best place ever! I am in the Spokane 6th ward and it is so great. The members here are wonderful i can not wait to get to know them better.

So my comp is Sister Sheppard and she is so great. We have so much fun together. She is from Maryland and she is a beautician and she is so good at what she does. She did my eyebrows and let me tell you they are lookin' good. We just laugh all day and have way too much fun! You have got to have fun as you work hard right? Whistle while you work and all that jazz.

Anyway all in all such a good week. Time is flying way to fast though. I love you all keep working hard.

Sister Robinson

P.S. shout out to Sarah Nash if you are reading this. Thank you for the email and i am going to write you back next week because i ran out of email time and i don't have your physical address. But i love you!

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