Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hey Everyone !!!

 So it has been a whole week since i entered the MTC! Which is crazy i have to admit in a sense it feels like i have been here forever and then at the same time it seems crazy to think i have been here for a whole week!!! So what can i tell you that you want to know? Well my companion's name is Sister Jensen and she is from Springville, Utah. She played Lacrosse in High School so that is one thing we have in common. She is pretty laidback but she does work hard which is nice and so we are getting along well! There are 11 missionaries in my district! 4 Sisters and 7 Elders. We all get along very well and have become really close over the past week that we have been here. We have a great assortment of personalities. A majority of us are hardworking but we all like to have a laugh every now and then and i think that is waht gets us through the day. Oh yeah there are two nineteen year old sisters in  my district (my companion and I) and then there is one 18 year old elder so i though that was pretty cool! I just love my district SO much! There are five of us going to the Spokane Washington mission, two going to the Seatle Washington Mission and four going to the Halifax, Canada mission! It is a whole lot of fun.
We had the opportunity to go to the Temple today, which was amazing! I really enjoyed that time to first be able to get outside of the MTC walls and second going to the temple is always amazing. It brought a lot of peace and rest into what has been a crazy, hectic past week. I love the MTC! I am learning SO much! It is hard, really hard, sometimes but i know that everything will always be ok and anything i go through will just teach me lessons that i need to learn! I am honestly haveing a good time. I would love to hear from all of you though! Espically my family!!! (Ellie, Jack and Dad). I know i have only been here a week but it has been a very long week and i would love to recieve some letters and maybe a package or two (Mum) full of goodies maybe? Anyway i hope all is well with each of you and i hope to hear from some of you shortly. You can always use Dear Elder! It is free while i am in the MTC, which is until the 18th Febuary roughly!!!
Well remember that this church is true and that i love you all and so does your Heavenly Father!
Love Sister Robinson