Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Is this real life?

SO this week was great but also totally weird! It started on Tuesday when we had specialized training. The morning was normal as specialized trainings can get. We talked about teaching with the spirit and then working with members and PMG, you know all that good stuff then lunch hit and things got crazy! WEll as crazy as they get on a mission. We all went and changed into P-Day clothes, including President and Sister Mullen! We then played games all afternoon. WE played Ultimate Ninja, Ultimate Frisbee, Tag everyones it, and marshmallow dodgeball. I felt like i was in a dream! It was SO MUCH FUN! Who knew that we would ever get to do that on our mission. There were a couple times i had to pinch myself and ask if it was real life as i saw president running to catch the Frisbee. It was surreal

The rest of the week was standard until the weekend hit, then there was a really cool Easter exhibit at the stake center. It was all about Christ of course! There were pictures and sartifact that depicted his life from birth until the ressurection! It was so great. Our investigator Nancy came with her husband and they jsut loved it. They had choirs singing and it was just gorgeous. Cool miracle! Nancy put herself on date this week. She wants to be baptized on May 31st. My birthday weekend! How cool is that? I am so excited for her. She is the most gentle, kind lady that i have ever met. I love her to bits!

So Happy Easter everyone and if you haven't already seen the video Because of Him, go watch it becasuse it is amazing! I love it. I know that Because of Him (Christ) we will all live again! He lives and HE loves us and He came and bore all our sins and pains so that we could return home again. I love you all and I know that our savior loves you even more.

 Have a good week and i will try and make next week a little more interesting haha.

Sister Robinson

Monday, April 14, 2014

Off roading in the city

Brace yourself especially if you are driving on Spokane roads. Literally you will be driving around in the city and all will be fine and then you turn on to Cuba Rd. and it like you are actually in Cuba. It is terribly funny. Potholes on a dirt road in the middle of the city, what is this place. Stay tuned for the upcoming video that i am going to take today it is great. There are also no stop signs in this city in reasonable places, we did find a stop sign on someones driveway though.. priceless times haha. Spokane is literally the best place ever! I am in the Spokane 6th ward and it is so great. The members here are wonderful i can not wait to get to know them better.

So my comp is Sister Sheppard and she is so great. We have so much fun together. She is from Maryland and she is a beautician and she is so good at what she does. She did my eyebrows and let me tell you they are lookin' good. We just laugh all day and have way too much fun! You have got to have fun as you work hard right? Whistle while you work and all that jazz.

Anyway all in all such a good week. Time is flying way to fast though. I love you all keep working hard.

Sister Robinson

P.S. shout out to Sarah Nash if you are reading this. Thank you for the email and i am going to write you back next week because i ran out of email time and i don't have your physical address. But i love you!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So Shocking news i am being transferred!!! I know 6 months in Cheney and now i am leaving for the last couple months of my mission. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to all the wonderful families in the ward. I know i haven't discussed this with the 'rents yet but i am coming back here in December as Leah one of my recent converts is going to be sealed in the temple. She said she picked December 20th so it would be after finals so i will be able to go! I love the Nicks family so much. WE watched conference with them this weekend and it was amazing. More on that in a bit.

So where am i being transferred to? I am going into the city of Spokane to the Spokane 6th ward! I will also be STL (Sister Training Leader) so that will be a fun new thing. It means that i will conduct exchanges with the sisters in my zone and attend MLC ( Mission Leadership Council). It will make this transfer interesting that is for sure, but i am excited and know that with the Lord's help that i will be able to fill this assignment. I think it will be fun to serve the sisters in my zone and it will give me a huge opportunity to learn from all the amazing sisters that i will get to work with!

So General Conference was SO AMAZING! I just couldn't get enough! All the sessions were so great so you all need to watch all of them! For those who don't know where to find them you can go to LDS.org and there is a link to the videos on the front page! Watch them they are fabulous. One of the main themes that stuck out to me was how the Book of Mormon is a source of protection. My favorite scripture Heleman 5:12 was used a couple of times again. I know that with out a doubt that the Book of Mormon is truue and as we center our lives on Jesus Christ that we can overcome all things. There was a wonderful talk about Olympic Athletes and how they train all their lives for the 4 minutes they have in the Olympics they have to prove themselves. He talked about how this life is our 4 minutes to prove ourselves for eternal life. We were prepared for this life before we came here and now is our time to shine. To choose to follow Christ! Every decision we make determines our destiny so lets make every choice count for goo and when we make a mistake Christ is there to help pick us back up, dust us off and put us back on the path! The Atonement is real and the Gospel is true. "We aren't just human, we are CHILDREN OF GOD!" -Lawrence E. Corbridge Sunday Afternoon Session.

I love you all keep working hard! Love all those around you and it will bring you extreme joy!

Sister Robinson

Monday, December 23, 2013


Alright so this week was pretty cool. There was a lot of snow on the ground and we looked like Snowmen a couple of times but it was great!

So earlier this week i was on exchanges with Sister Walton and we went to Sprague and we saw miracles! So i guess i should preface this story a little. Last week Sister Dantas and I were visiting a 15 year old Less Active named Matt. His non-member step-mom and Dad were home but they didn't want to hear a message so we went in another room and we taught Matt. Well as we were leaving he asked us what we were doing next Thursday (this past Thursday) at 4. My companion and I looked at each other and then responded that we had nothing planned and he invited us back to meet with him and his wife. We were a little nervous to find out what the meeting was about but we were hoping it was a really good thing. Well back to Sister Walton and I. We were in Sprague on the Wednesday before we were scheduled to meet and we saw Sister Vercoe (the step-mom) outside carrying boxes in so we asked if we could help but she said she had it all under control. So we then said if she needed anything then we would love to help her out and she went inside. We walked back to the car and before we got in she ran back out her house and called after us. She said that she was making cupcakes for the football team and she could do with some help, so... we scheduled a time to come back and make cupcakes.

So we were about to leave and go to another appointment before we came back to help her make the cupcakes and we felt that we should ask her what the meeting was about the following day so we asked her what she was expecting from our meeting and she said... She wanted to find out about the church and look into joining! Yeah we were pretty excited. Then she said you can even start teaching me when you come to make cupcakes! So that is exactly what we did! We taught the restoration to her that day and the Spirit was so strong. We invited her to be baptized in January and she said Yes! So we are super super excited.

So this week we had a sacrament meeting in Sprague for Christmas and it was so great. There were 72 people there! Including Sister Vercoe! It was amazing. A lot of LA came out and 9 non members were there and there was an amazing spirit there too. I even sang, "it came upon a midnight clear". Yeah i worked up the courage to sing a solo and it wasn't half bad if you can believe that. It was such a great day. They had a little munch and mingle afterwards and everyone did such a great job of fellowshiping. It was amazing. Best Christmas gift ever!

So yeah it has been a really great week for us. Beverly another one of our investigators also came to church yesterday so that was super exciting too! Honestly it was just great. We went caroling with all the missionaries in our district yesterday and that was really great too!    So much fun. Probably too much fun but we are working hard so it gets to be this fun!

If i have learned one thing lately it is that if we work are very hardest even though we are not perfect and we can't do everything the Lord will make up the rest! We try our best and then in his strength we will succeed! In the Strength of the Lord you can do all things!

Ok an done last thought!

To catch the real meaning of the spirit of Christmas, individuals need only drop the last syllable of the word, and it becomes the Spirit of Christ.
“May we give as the Savior gave…To give of oneself is a holy gift. We give as a remembrance of all the Savior has given. May we also give gifts that have eternal value, along with our gifts that eventually break or are forgotten. How much better the world would be if we all gave gifts of understanding and compassion, of service and friendship, of kindness and gentleness.” (President Monson)

Christmas is such a special time and when we remember Christ we can feel three real meaning of Christmas. I love you all

Sister Robinson.

Monday, December 16, 2013

12 days of Christmas

Alright So this week has been a pretty great week. Full of lots of appointments and fun. So my new comanion is Sister Dantas and she is from Brazil. We have a lot of cultural conversations. And she loves talking about different languages. I am learning some Portugues but hvae decided that French seems easier to me!

Well this week a few funny things happened. We stopped by one ladies house and we were visting with her when she started playing the harmonica. As soon as she started her dogs started howling. Personally i think they were howling becasue it hurt their ears but she turned to us and started telling us how much they loved to sing... Then she procedded to gather her dogs and told us that they would sing Jingle Bells. So off she goes singing jingle bells and her dogs start howling. It was hilarious, bless her soul! She was so into it.

Another thing that happend this week is that is snowed! It was funny becasue Sister Dantas hasn't experinced much snow before so she had fun kicking it around! Later that day we were walking across town and she started laughing. She said that it was going to be funny when she writes home and tells her parents that it finally got warm enough to snow! Warm enough! I was laughing pretty hard too. It is pretty funny when you pray that it will get warm enough to snow.

Oh quick side note, Sister Dantas dislikes other people's dogs more than i do! It is pretty funny to see her reaction to big dogs. She acts as if every big dog is on the verge of biting her. Best facial expressions ever!

Sister Dantas and I also had the privilage of attending the High Preist Group Christmas Dinner. We had amazing food. One of the Men in the ward cooked really good pulled pork and put this amazing vingery sauce on it. It was divine! There was also a white Elephant at the party and Sister Dantas hadn't done one before. Sister Tulett, One of our amazing members, had brought an extra gift so that we could take part! We sat there anticipating our turn because there was this really cute WHITE ELEPHANT and box of chocolates. Well of course i wanted the White Elephant.. How cool is that to say oh yeah i got this white elephant at the Cheney 2nd ward White Elephant party on my mission. Well as you could probably guess from my excitment we got the White Elephant. We both got to play and so we also were able to get a puzzle that we could do on P-Day! Something SIster Dantas has really wanted. So we both came away really happy!

So in Sprague we eat at this little dinner type place called the Viking. It is the only place to eat in a 25 mile radius so we go there once a week when we are in Sprague. It is the local burger place and the food isn't bad at all. We always find out really interesting things there though. Like this week we found out that Jinny is the Bus Driver and owns a farm and that Malissa used to work there. We found this all out because Malissa's father and jinny were there and they were talking really loud! It is almost like they want us to know everything about everyone in Sprague. I love it, such a cute small town.

So that was pretty much the interesting things from this week. We have also been teaching a lot of lessons this week and they have been going well! In Tommy's lesson his non memeber step sister was there and we taught the Plan of Salvation. They had a lot of questions about all the things that would be in Heaven. Like their pets or their favorite blankets. Tara had the most questions os about the 10th time she put up her hand i asked, "do you really like whatever the thing is that you are about to ask about?" And she said yes. I then informed her then it will proabably be in Heaven. Haha They are such cute kids but sometimes it is like 101 questions.

Well I hope you have a great week adn keep up all the great work that is happening! Don't forgret to send out your Christmas cards!

Love Sister Robinson

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sister Robinson School of Confidence

So yesterday obviously was not P-Day so we went out and worked a lot. We had a pretty great day though. One of my companions was having a pretty rough time so we met the Elders and she received a blessing, it was SO COOL because it led to us sitting down with her and finding ways that we could help her out. It was a lot of fun. We had the Sister Robinson school of confidence, Ellie knows all about that school haha. It consisted of me making Sister Gren Strut around a table telling us all the things she loved about herself. It was so great. Obviously i demonstrated for her. Then later that night we had a companionship inventory, which is pretty much us just sitting down and bring up any concerns or anything that is bugging you. So Sister Kunkel and I are just giving some ideas on what we can do differently and Sister Gren was being way too quiet, so we turned around and asked her to come up with a suggestion. Well Sister Gren sits there and sits there and sits there and is saying nothing so we just start asking questions like: what is something that Sister Robinson says that annoys you? or what is something that sister Kunkel does that irritates you? And she suddenly says, i got one! So we brace ourselves for what it is and she says, "I am always the last one out of the car!" Sister Kunkel and I just turned to each other and started laughing it was SO funny! I just said, "em sister Gren that sounds like a personal issue i am not sure what you want me to do about that one." By that time Sister Gren was laughing to. It was pretty great.

We then went out to work and did all that we could to find more people to teach. We had a great day of talking to EVERYBODY that we saw and asking everyone for referrals. It was a lot of fun. We talked to one lady who turned out to be the manager of the trailer park that we were in and we asked if there was anyone that she could think of that we could go serve. She told us to try trailer 29, so we did. It was so great. It was a Mother and her daughter who lived there and we got to talking to them. They let us in and we got to know them a little better. They just started going to a new church but the daughter said she doesn't feel comfortable there. She mainly said what she is looking for is great friends, so we invited her to the Super Saturday enrichment day, which is making Christmas Crafts. She LOVES making crafts. So we are hoping that we can introduce her to the beautiful, wonderful ladies of the Cheney 1st ward and see where it goes from there. She also said we could come back and do service so we are looking forward to helping her out with that!

Well after that we had a great lesson with Sister Nicks who is being baptized on November 30th!!! Super excited. Her non member mother is moving in with her and she also stayed for the lesson so we are going to see if Sister Nicks will invite her to the baptism. She is getting really excited for it now!

THEN THE BIG NEWS CAME... We got out of that lesson and we had a missed call from President Mullen! We all know what my experience has been with missed calls from President. Well this time was just like any other time, pure craziness. Sister Kunkel got emergency transferred to North Spokane! Say what? Oh yeah that is right another one of my companions gets transferred midway through a transfer. Sister Kunkel was the one who knew the area the best as she had been here for 3 months, almost 4 months. Sister Gren and I have only been here for about three weeks so it is almost like sweep training, but you know what i think that it is going to be great. Every time my mission gets hard i get to see miraculous miracles. Yeah that is more than your average everyday miracle! So i am excited to see what the Lord has in store for Sister Gren and I! We are sad to see Sister Kunkel leave but we will keep in touch with her for sure!

So that was pretty much my week! Moral of the stories... Make sure Sister Gren is not the last one out of the car, Sister Robinson's school of confidence works, talking to everyone brings miracles, Sister Nicks is boss!, and never answer the phone when President Mullen calls... haha jk answer it but know that your mission is about to get even crazier!

I love you all lots. Have a great week and write me a letter pretty please!

Sister Robinson

Monday, November 4, 2013

Food Poisoning

So i have had a cold since i arrived in Cheney and i was just getting over a cold when on Thursday both of my companions and i got food poisoning. I have never had food poisoning before but it is safe to say that i could have lived a lifetime without experiencing it. So we had a few sick days this week. Not fun. Other than that it was a pretty good week. We met with our investigators that are on date. I know that i have told you all about Tommy but i ma not sure if i was able to tell you about Sister Nicks. She is one of the most wonderful women i have ever met in my life. Her husband is a less active member that is starting to come back to church and that is how the sisters before i came into the ward found her. They put her on date the lesson before i came into the ward but i have been able to teach her about three of the lessons now. She is just so great. She always asks the best questions and she is so sincere. She is going to be baptized on November 30th. I am super excited for her. She has a 11 year old son that is not a member wither but as of right now he is not interested but i think once he sees his mother baptized that his interest will heighten too. I will send you pictures of those baptisms. 

I have been studying a lot about Kindness and how it is the application of Charity. It all starts with the thoughts we have. As we think positively of others and the things around us we are happier. We are able to see the good in the world and in the people around us. As i have applied this in my life i have been able to have love for people that i barely know. just seeing them as children of God makes it easier to share the gospel with them and also leaves me with an urgency to share the gospel as well. I want them to have the gospel because i am able to see Christ in them. I am not sure of what i wrote just made sense but it has helped me out of lot just studying about kindness and how it all starts with positive thinking!

Anyway i hope you have a wonderful week. Stay safe and warm! 

Love Sister Robinson