Monday, December 16, 2013

12 days of Christmas

Alright So this week has been a pretty great week. Full of lots of appointments and fun. So my new comanion is Sister Dantas and she is from Brazil. We have a lot of cultural conversations. And she loves talking about different languages. I am learning some Portugues but hvae decided that French seems easier to me!

Well this week a few funny things happened. We stopped by one ladies house and we were visting with her when she started playing the harmonica. As soon as she started her dogs started howling. Personally i think they were howling becasue it hurt their ears but she turned to us and started telling us how much they loved to sing... Then she procedded to gather her dogs and told us that they would sing Jingle Bells. So off she goes singing jingle bells and her dogs start howling. It was hilarious, bless her soul! She was so into it.

Another thing that happend this week is that is snowed! It was funny becasue Sister Dantas hasn't experinced much snow before so she had fun kicking it around! Later that day we were walking across town and she started laughing. She said that it was going to be funny when she writes home and tells her parents that it finally got warm enough to snow! Warm enough! I was laughing pretty hard too. It is pretty funny when you pray that it will get warm enough to snow.

Oh quick side note, Sister Dantas dislikes other people's dogs more than i do! It is pretty funny to see her reaction to big dogs. She acts as if every big dog is on the verge of biting her. Best facial expressions ever!

Sister Dantas and I also had the privilage of attending the High Preist Group Christmas Dinner. We had amazing food. One of the Men in the ward cooked really good pulled pork and put this amazing vingery sauce on it. It was divine! There was also a white Elephant at the party and Sister Dantas hadn't done one before. Sister Tulett, One of our amazing members, had brought an extra gift so that we could take part! We sat there anticipating our turn because there was this really cute WHITE ELEPHANT and box of chocolates. Well of course i wanted the White Elephant.. How cool is that to say oh yeah i got this white elephant at the Cheney 2nd ward White Elephant party on my mission. Well as you could probably guess from my excitment we got the White Elephant. We both got to play and so we also were able to get a puzzle that we could do on P-Day! Something SIster Dantas has really wanted. So we both came away really happy!

So in Sprague we eat at this little dinner type place called the Viking. It is the only place to eat in a 25 mile radius so we go there once a week when we are in Sprague. It is the local burger place and the food isn't bad at all. We always find out really interesting things there though. Like this week we found out that Jinny is the Bus Driver and owns a farm and that Malissa used to work there. We found this all out because Malissa's father and jinny were there and they were talking really loud! It is almost like they want us to know everything about everyone in Sprague. I love it, such a cute small town.

So that was pretty much the interesting things from this week. We have also been teaching a lot of lessons this week and they have been going well! In Tommy's lesson his non memeber step sister was there and we taught the Plan of Salvation. They had a lot of questions about all the things that would be in Heaven. Like their pets or their favorite blankets. Tara had the most questions os about the 10th time she put up her hand i asked, "do you really like whatever the thing is that you are about to ask about?" And she said yes. I then informed her then it will proabably be in Heaven. Haha They are such cute kids but sometimes it is like 101 questions.

Well I hope you have a great week adn keep up all the great work that is happening! Don't forgret to send out your Christmas cards!

Love Sister Robinson

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