Monday, September 23, 2013

CPR of missionary life

The things that keep us missionaries alive! Chocolate (any kind, preferably brooksides but if we get desperate we will eat Hershey's), P-Day (the most used word in a missionaries vocabulary) and REALLY great letters!!! Three things that every missionary really really needs including this one!

So this week was pretty interesting! On Friday we had interviews with President and that was eventful only because he was a little late but what can you say he is a busy man and has a lot of missionaries to interview but that made or day all weird but it was still really great!

Saturday was a unique day as well. We got to spend time with the Activity day girls. They had a conference day and it was centered around the talk by President Uctdorf, "Once Upon a Time." Sister Brown and I were in charge of teaching a building testimonies class and it was so great! There were all these girls who are 8-11 years old that were coming up and bearing their testimonies and it was so great! It was so impressive and the spirit was so strong. We then got to see them do a talent show and it was super cute!

So i have run out of time but next week i am going to tell you all about Sister Parson's haha you will love it! She is so great!

Well have a great week and write me!

Love Sister Robinson

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ashley's Baptism

It is so fun seeing all the incoming missionaries! There are so many of them. I am considered in the older part of the mission as 60% of the mission is at least 6 months or younger. It is crazy. Sister Brown and I got invited to go to MLC (Mission Leadership Council) yesterday to give a training on teaching the Atonement in every lesson. We made a jeopardy game that we used in our District meeting, it just so happened that President Mullen turned up at our District meeting and he really liked what we did so he invited us to MLC, which is the meeting for Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. SO now everyone in the mission is going to be trained with that game, so that is pretty dang cool!

Sister Brown and I are working as hard as we can trying to find some new investigators! Ashley Moody was baptized this week and it was such a wonderful experience. We had the privilege of being able to teach the restoration during the intermission and it was so powerful in that room. The spirit was so present. Ashley invited her whole family of non members and they came! And she invited her co workers to come too so there were a lot of non members in the room. I know they all felt something too so we are hoping to follow up with them and see if we can start teaching them more about the church! I am so grateful that Ashley is such a wonderful example and that i had the opportunity to teach her. She is so humble and all she wants to do is learn more and more about the church. She has such a passion about the gospel! I LOVE IT! She is going to be such a great example to her friends as well and to the rest of the ward as she continues to help others come unto Christ!

We just got a new ward mission leader as our last ward mission leader is getting married in two weeks so he will no longer be in this ward. He has been amazing! We are also really excited to start working with Cory our new ward mission leader. He just got back from his mission is Brazil and so he is still in mission mode and so we are really excited for that! We are searching for those who are prepared and we know that as we work hard that we will be able to find them! I know that this is Heavenly Father's work and as we pray for opportunities to share the gospel and seek them out then he will provide us with those opportunities. So Pray for them and help the missionaries in your area!

Love you lots
Sister Robinson