Monday, September 23, 2013

CPR of missionary life

The things that keep us missionaries alive! Chocolate (any kind, preferably brooksides but if we get desperate we will eat Hershey's), P-Day (the most used word in a missionaries vocabulary) and REALLY great letters!!! Three things that every missionary really really needs including this one!

So this week was pretty interesting! On Friday we had interviews with President and that was eventful only because he was a little late but what can you say he is a busy man and has a lot of missionaries to interview but that made or day all weird but it was still really great!

Saturday was a unique day as well. We got to spend time with the Activity day girls. They had a conference day and it was centered around the talk by President Uctdorf, "Once Upon a Time." Sister Brown and I were in charge of teaching a building testimonies class and it was so great! There were all these girls who are 8-11 years old that were coming up and bearing their testimonies and it was so great! It was so impressive and the spirit was so strong. We then got to see them do a talent show and it was super cute!

So i have run out of time but next week i am going to tell you all about Sister Parson's haha you will love it! She is so great!

Well have a great week and write me!

Love Sister Robinson

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