Monday, November 4, 2013

Food Poisoning

So i have had a cold since i arrived in Cheney and i was just getting over a cold when on Thursday both of my companions and i got food poisoning. I have never had food poisoning before but it is safe to say that i could have lived a lifetime without experiencing it. So we had a few sick days this week. Not fun. Other than that it was a pretty good week. We met with our investigators that are on date. I know that i have told you all about Tommy but i ma not sure if i was able to tell you about Sister Nicks. She is one of the most wonderful women i have ever met in my life. Her husband is a less active member that is starting to come back to church and that is how the sisters before i came into the ward found her. They put her on date the lesson before i came into the ward but i have been able to teach her about three of the lessons now. She is just so great. She always asks the best questions and she is so sincere. She is going to be baptized on November 30th. I am super excited for her. She has a 11 year old son that is not a member wither but as of right now he is not interested but i think once he sees his mother baptized that his interest will heighten too. I will send you pictures of those baptisms. 

I have been studying a lot about Kindness and how it is the application of Charity. It all starts with the thoughts we have. As we think positively of others and the things around us we are happier. We are able to see the good in the world and in the people around us. As i have applied this in my life i have been able to have love for people that i barely know. just seeing them as children of God makes it easier to share the gospel with them and also leaves me with an urgency to share the gospel as well. I want them to have the gospel because i am able to see Christ in them. I am not sure of what i wrote just made sense but it has helped me out of lot just studying about kindness and how it all starts with positive thinking!

Anyway i hope you have a wonderful week. Stay safe and warm! 

Love Sister Robinson 

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