Monday, March 25, 2013

Transfer Craziness

Well again i do not have much time to write because we have been so busy! We had 38 new missionaries come in today and 21 of those were Sisters!!! Isn't that crazy? But it is all very exciting. Sister Whitney and i are both staying in the Hayden 4th ward and Lakeland 1st ward for at least another transfer, so that is very exciting. Our zone just got split though so i am no longer in the CDA zone but i am in the Hayden Lake Zone! We have our own zone. It just shows how much the work is progressing and how the lord is really hastening the work! I am so excited to be a part of it!

So today is P-Day but i had the marvelous opportunity to go Fear Busting with the new missionaries. It was so much fun. It was weird because i have only been in the field for five weeks but i was expected to help a new missionary find their way around! Surprisingly it went very well and we ended up giving two Book of Mormons out and getting a return visit with one lady name Loraine! She was such a sweet heart and the new Sister i was with was amazing! She is going to be such a great missionary :)

Ok well i have to go but i hope everyone is doing well! Feel free to send me an email i would love to hear from you:! Or feel free to write me a hand written letter i love those too :) I am replying to all those who wrote me last week later tonight. With all the transfer news and news of the Zone splitting it got a little crazy but don't worry your letter is coming!

Love you all lots
Sister Robinson

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