Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Entertaining Trials

Hey Girls and Gals! How are you all this week? I am doing great here in good ole Northern Idaho. The snow cleared up this week and the sun was shining. Yesterday was quite glorious!
So we have been working really hard lately with our investigators trying to prepare them for baptism. I am not sure if i spoke before about Angela or not but she is hopefully getting baptized next month, we are still trying to set a date with her. But she is amazing! Apparently her brother has been going to the ward down in Coeur d'alene with a friend who is a recent convert. Angela has been talking to her and i think that has been a huge help to her. Also there is Cathy! We invited her to be baptizen on April 16th and she said yes! She came to church this week and ,what is really cool about it, her less active husband also came to church with her! It was really, really exciting! We are meeting with her again tomorrow.

So here is for the Entertaining trials part... So the first one is that my boots may or may not have holes in the bottom and so are no longer waterproof. There had been a lot of snow in Hayden and Lakeland so that was a small issue, so i switched to wearing my Oxford shoes. This was all fine and dandy until we went to go visit one of our less actives who lives on a road as i can only describe as long and tretcherous. It has too many potholes for us to drive the car down so we had to walk down it. That would have been fine if my shoes had any grip on them. Alas they do not so i was slipping and sliding down the road trying to avoid falling in the big puddles of ice water. Here is a picture so you can see the delightful road. My companion and i found it very entertaining. So did the workmen who where near by watching my slip down the road. I kind of looked like a priss, but it was entertaing! haha

The other enteraining trial was an unfortunate event... we accidently locked our self out of the church building and we were the only ones at the building. Not only did we leave the keys inside but we locked our phone inside and my jacket (it was cold). The building is also not in our area so we didn't know where any members lived... you can see our problem. Nonetheless, we got down on our knees and said a prayer and that is when we came up with the idea to go trackting for members. Usually when you tract you are trying to teach the people that live at the house you are knocking on (and they all know that so they like to hide, or come up with excuses not to talk to you) but this time we were just trying to ask if they knew where a member might live. The first lady said yes and then shut the door on us, out of fear that we might baptize her. The second lady answered the door and said sorry but she didn't have time to talk but then we explained that we were just looking for a house where members live. She glady pointed us in the right direction and we were able to find a lovely member who happened to have a key. When then had to tell the Elders, who's are it is, that we had been tracting in their area. They found it pretty amuzing. Luckily so did we.
Anyway that is all the time i have, but i will speak to you next week!
Feel free to send me letters!
Sister Robinson

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