Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Only in Colville 

Hey y'all!
I hope everyone is doing well. I would first love to thank the wonderful Powell Laurals for the beautiful package that they sent me! It honestly made my day :)

So i was able to go to the temple today in Spokane, which was amazing. We went as a zone and it was so much fun. We live about two hours away from Spokane so it was quite the day trip, but we were all able to travel together and then a wonderful lady from a ward down in Hayden Lake, ID saw us and offered to take all 12 missionaries to Five Guys for lunch. That is one women who is going to be truly blessed it was so nice of her!

So transfers are coming up this weekend so i will find out my fate for the next six weeks again this Sunday and i will let you all know on Monday what happens. (I say that but last time i was emergency transfered so i guess i can't say that it is a difinite fate). Sister Jensen and I have been having a blast being back together since the MTC. Missionary work is hard but it so much easier when you have a companion that makes you laugh and that is definitly Sister Jensen, she is AMAZING!!!

What else can i tell you? Well i guess i can tell you the meaning of the title of this blog post... So Colville is a small town, a lovley town, but a small one. The people are great but there are some character's  around that really make me laugh! There was one man walkinig down the street with elmo pajama pants on with Jean cutt offs over top... yeah only in Colville. Also only in Colville will you drive past a wheat field and here country music blasting from a tractor. It is a great town with endless entertainment for a city girl like myself. I love how confused they get about my accent too, i love telling people I am from Ohio and seeing them get really confused, they didn't realize that we talked so funny in the Midwest haha

Well just a reminder that Mothers day is coming up. I am counting down the days to that one when i get to Skype my family, but i thought i would give you all a reminder too so that you can go out and get your mothers all gifts!

Have a great week all and i will talk to you soon! I will post some pics next week too!
Sister Robinson

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