Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Olympic Missionary

Hey all!

I hope you are all doing well and had an amazing Mother's day! I was able to talk to the family yesterday and so that was really nice! It was great to learn that everyone is doing well! Although i forgot to ask if anyone in the ward got their mission calls, so if anyone has that information i would love to have that sent to me!

Well we had a great week this week! We swept into the area and my new companion is amazing. Her name is Sister Jensen (yes that is the same name as my last companion, but different missionary i promise). She is a visa waiter, who will be going to Brazil eventually. So i have her for at least a transfer! We are starting to get to know the area and it is a little crazy! We are the only YSA ward in the whole Stake so we have a huge area! There are also like 5 streets with the same name and so we don't always know which one we are supposed to be going to, but it makes for a really fun time! We are lucky enough to have a car and let me tell you i am counting myb blessings for the car, If we were on bikes i am not sure how productive we would be!

We met some great people this week. There was Isaiah, who is an investigator who just turned 18 and he wants to be baptized, he just feels like he is fighting an ongoing spiritual battle. He is so great though and is going to come to church this week and pray to know when to be baptized. Then we also met Audrey, who is a friend of a young man in our ward who is going on a mission this week. Audrey has been through a lot in her life and we are excited to teach her about the Atonement, because we know how much it will really help her in her life! We are excited to be able to teach her again. We invited her to be baptized as well and she said yes! There is also another investigator named Hamad, he is from Sudi Arabia! He is so great but doesn't understand English too well! The Elders were meeting with him and they decided to hand him over to the YSA ward because he could do with the fellowship! I can't wait to teach him i think that is going to be so much fun!

Our week has been really hectic and so has this P-Day but i will try to write a little more next week and keep you informed on our investigators and all the great stuff that we are learning! I will try and include a new challenge soon too! v

I love you all and hope you have the most amazing week!
Love Sister Robinson

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