Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Companion - Again!

Ok so my new companions name is Sister Brown and she is the best! We get along really well and we have been tearing it up in the North Spokane area. It was such an amazing week and we saw so many miracles. 
This week we had a girl named Whitney turn up to church and said that she had taken all the discussions before and she now thinks she is ready to be baptized and this was the ward that she would be baptized in so now we have a couple of weeks to put together a baptism and go over the lessons again with her and get her ready to make that commitment so that was a pretty cool miracle that happened this week! More on that later! We meet with her on Wednesday. We also had another investigator turn up to our church today and said that he wanted us to teach him! Pretty cool! 

We had a lot of people give us referrals this week and testimony meeting at church yesterday was full of missionary experiences and plugs for more missionary work! I was super excited about that. We had a great time yesterday and some how managed to squeeze in 4 lessons in one Sunday, which never happens here! It has been SO great. 

But again you know how my mission is not normal? Haha Yeah so Sister Brown and i are hosting a mini missionary this week. Not sure why but i am sure that it will be great! We are getting the mini missionary thing down. It is us and the ZL that are getting mini missionaries so it is quite the opportunity that they are giving us to help these youth decide to go on a mission or to give them the experience of a mission that they might not be able to serve otherwise. I am sure i will have more to say about that next week! 


Sis Robinson

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