Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Are you Australian? 


So we had an amazing week this week!!!! We have been working with a lot of Less Actives and we have been seeing MIRACLES!!! It is so great :) We had 7 less actives in church this week and it was crazy amazing. We were so excited to see them there.  It was so cool becasue all the members went and found people that they didn't know or who were sitting alone and they went and sat with them and talked with them. There was a warm spirit at church and you could tell that everybody was a lot happier. We can tell that the ward's bond is growing deeper and it is amazing to see them all a little happier!!!

So have i mentioned that Sister Jensen is the BOMB! I love her so Flippin' much! We just work so well together and we are so passionate. She really is such an amazing missionary. Personally i think we should just keep her for the whole 18 months but it is the Lord's will so i will take another transfer if that is what he will allow! But honestly we just have so much fun and we love all of the members and the investigators that we are working with. We are seeing miracles and we can't wait to see the ward keep changing and drawing closer and closer together as we teach them all the gospel of Christ! You should all check out her blog: sisterhayleyjensen.blogspot.com.

Well my testimony of the Lord's work just keeps growing and this week was no acception! There were so many times this week that we were just led by the spirit and were in the right place at the right time! It was so amazing to see the Lord's hand so clearly in His work. We know that it is a privilage to be on a mission and that we are just tools, just vessels in the Lord's hand. If we can make ourselves the most effective tools then he will use us more and more and we will be privaleged to see more and more miracles! I am So grateful to be a missionary and i am so grateful to serve in this area, in this mission. I think by the end of my mission i am going to give Elder Holland a run for his money and say that no other missionary has loved their mission as much as i am loving mine! I am pushed and tried everyday but because of it i come out better and better! I love being a missionary!

So i know many of you yearn to do missionary work but you get scared, so i wanted to share with you some words from Elder Anderson that have greatly helped me:

"I promise you, as you pray to know with whom to speak, names and faces will come into your mind. Words to speak will be given in the very moment you need them.22 Opportunities will open to you. Faith will overcome doubt, and the Lord will bless you with your very own miracles."

I promise to you that Faith WILL ALWAYS overcome doubt! Every time! I know that it is true because i practice it each and everyday. There are times when i am super scared to talk to people but then i exercise a little faith and do it anyway and it always turns out well. I love you all and i know that the Lord's hand is in this work. This is his work and as we exercise faith he will allow us to see miracles.

Have a great week and don't forget to write me!
Sister Robinson

P.S. I should proably explain the title... So for some strange reason everyone i talk to always asks if i am Australian!!!! Always, so i guess Australians must sound like they are english and have lived in America for too long. I might start rocking it though if someone can give a good, convincing back story of how i am Australian...

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