Monday, April 8, 2013

Bloom where you are planted!!!

Hey everyone!!!

So this week was a little crazy as i just got news of a sudden transfer. So do you remember my MTC companion Siter Jensen? Well her companion is a Nauvoo Vistor Center missionary and she goes back to Nauvoo this week, which is in the middle of our transfer, so we have to do an emergency transfer. So i am being transfered to Coleville, Washington. We are both are still in training but as they don't have anyone to train us, Sister Jensen and i are going to train each other for the rest of the transfer. S yeah that is the frist time that missionaries have ever had to train each other in this mission. We will also be the frist companionship of sister missionaries that are both 19! So a lot of firsts for us! It is going to be crazy and intresting. We are going to have to rely on the Lord a lot! But i know that God will be with us and he will help us overcome our trials.

I am a little sad that i will be leaving the CDA zone. I love this area so much and love our investigators. It is hard because i didn't have any notice that this was going to happen. We had no clues at all that this would happen so i am in shock a little!

So Siter Whitney is just the best. I am so privilaged to have had her as my trainer. She really has taught me so much and i am glad that we have become such great friends this past couple weeks. It was a great way to end our companionship together! She really is amazing and i hope one day we will both be able to see eachother again!

My testimony has just bloomed this week. I didn't think that i could know this church was any more true than i did but i know even more tha this church is the true church of Christ. Christ trestored this church on the earth and everything about it just rings so true. Conference was amazing and i sat their just thinking that everything that was being said came from God and it was all just exactly perfect and pure. I love it. I truely know with out a doubt that this church is true!

Yesterday while tracting we met a guy named Cory. As soon as i started talking to him i knew i had to talk about the preisthood and the restoration of the church. I testified that the church was back on the earth and then he said that he wanted to learn more. We swaped numbers and we are going to take him on a church tour this week. It was just so cool. He locked eyes with me as i was testifying and i could see his spiritual hunger as i spoke to him. He had been prepared for what i was telling him. He was the last door in that whole apartment that we tracted and i can't wait until Sister Whitney gets to take him on that church tour! It was the coolest exsperience the first time that anything like that has ever happened to me!!!

THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! Heavenly Father loves all of us! If you haven't had a chance to watch General Conference go to and watch it! It was amzing there was so much good stuff. I can't remeber right now who said it, as i don't have my notes with me right now, but it was said, "bloom where you are planted!" I secon that. You are all amazing and God knows that. Bloom where you are planted. It doesn't matter what your situation, your age or education, you can bloom if you lean on the Lord. He will help you and bless you!

I Love you all

Sister Robbinson

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